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The New TLDs Update

So the new TLDs like .property, .estate and .realtor are out and the current take is…  YAWN.  If you bought in, your in for a long wait. If you missed the boat you didn’t miss anything.

Strategies for 2015 – Look for .estate and .property if your best large geo area is available for reg fee, and the .com/.net/org/.tv are taken by offices who will never sell.

Knowing you can never get the .com means you can either go for a abbreviation, derivative or new tlds. Many have high initial prices, are being held by the registry for really high up front fees; or have nigh annual fees. let us help you navigate the waters. Call Page Howe at 931-233-1098. For $100, which can also be applied toward any of our names, we will show you 10-25 available names for registration fee.

We have been in the domain business 14 years and you can buy 30 minutes of our time for $100, and be assured you got the best name you could – if your time is valuable, stop searching yourself – all inquiries confidential.



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