Why Real Estate Domains?

RealEstateDomains.net markets and sells to agents, brokers, mortgage professionals and local real estate offices Premium Domain Names.  As over 140,000,000 domain names are currently registered, most cities and farmable areas plus realestate.com  in .com are taken and trade much like houses in a secondary market.

Our business model used to rely solely on contacts from agents and brokers, and we had to price accordingly as we might only receive an inquiry 1-5 times a year.  No one really knows you can possibly buy these names, or how to… and the fear and the unknown has kept the best agents and teams, as well as up-and-coming new entrants in a market away.

So now we are actively seeking out Agents and Brokers who already use online marketing and making them aware of the name that can OWN in their area.  ONLY ONE PERSON can own the key City or Area + RealEstate.com or other desirable suffix, once its you then your the top dog and others are left with either a sense of envy, or they have to come to you to advertise, joint venture or pay way up to buy the name form you.  Its supply and demand, and you can own the best names .. still . And all it cost is money.
In any area you can make more money off the real live leads and credibility that come from BEING a Geo+RealEstate.com domain owner than we ever could selling PPC ads, or affiliate programs. So we are trying to increase the velocity of our sales, which allows us to sell names at lower prices.  Someone is going to own the name we have contacted you about, take your shot, offers welcome.

We’ve been selling domain name for 12+ years and realize education is a big part of our business, reach out to us if we can answer any questions about the price or process of buying one of our premium domain names. Were US Based, in small town Manchester, TN and operate on central time.

Here are some Professional Real Estate marketing Videos and blogs  that mention the importance of having tow string names, your own personal brand, and one or more local and locations.


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