Your City+Real Estate Domain Name or Place Name, or Personal brand; answer is both.

So recently ive been showing some nice names ot customers who always run it by their SEO person. The standard response is “hey i can make any site search engine friendly”, so why buy a great name?

And i guess the answer can only be made by the CEO or Agent. You buy assets and you allocate capital. Of course the SEO guys wants to be paid consulting and ongoing revenue to keep your site relevant. But if you have the obvious local choice you can the benefit of not having to continually pay for the SEO service that puts lipstick on a pig.

And sometimes it is those tricks that Google specifically penalizes and then they need to be changed. Where a or name alwasy has the credibility to stand out and highest on its own.  It will bring conversion from the search results page at a higher rate because it doesnt look like a specific realtor name, or a redirect site to a maze of listings; its looks like the local expert.  Information seekers are now coming to you, and you start the process of showing them how you do business, your qualities and knowledge and set the case to do business with you.

All this in a more trusting relationship because you gave them information first.  You provided information on the Local market.  Its also easier for your blog posts and remarks on the local market to be picked up when you represent a local website.

Call us if we can explain further.

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