.Realtor and the New Tld’s

New Real Estate Tld’s

We have promoted the big three gTLDs  (.com, .net and .org) along with .TV if your using video so it might be natural to think were against the new Tld’s because they create more real estate, and competition.

We have taken a hard look and we have invested in some new gTld’s in other area and are watching the real estate space.

A couple of thoughts:

.Realtor ™ will come with a strong set of restrictions an a higher rpice as the National Association of Realtors tries to have it both ways, they want the protected trademark where only they can use realtor, yet they dont want their word to become generic because they lose their trademark protection.

As of now, it doesnt appear you can get a City+.Realtor domain name, you must be a member, and stay a member even though you dont know how they may changes the rules in the future.   Many who dont have their own .com, will and should get their own professional name in .realtor, but im not sure passing on the whole thing and keeping your branded .com isnt the best way to go.

There are some deficencies in the new gTlds.  The “.” becomes part of your brand name, but is a symbol and a character not recognized in some applications for business taxes, bank account or even user names on twitter and facebook.  So you have to use a space, the word “Dot” or an underscore.  In other words, Farm.Land may be “farm dot land” and you mail have to repeat and spell the dot, or remind them its a period.  for hlep with the new tlds see our site newtlds.net.

So .Farm is our, so its .Estate.  Many of the best one words have been taken.  Safari and some browsers still have trouble with these new tlds.  We still like the .com, or nets and org and .tvs if your budget is smaller because adding lessor names underneath will only promote your ownership of the better name as a prestige builder.  yes we have the .com, we have been around, we know our stuff and were are a major player in this area.




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