Your City+Real Estate Domain Name or Place Name, or Personal brand; answer is both.

So recently ive been showing some nice names ot customers who always run it by their SEO person. The standard response is “hey i can make any site search engine friendly”, so why buy a great name?

And i guess the answer can only be made by the CEO or Agent. You buy assets and you allocate capital. Of course the SEO guys wants to be paid consulting and ongoing revenue to keep your site relevant. But if you have the obvious local choice you can the benefit of not having to continually pay for the SEO service that puts lipstick on a pig.

And sometimes it is those tricks that Google specifically penalizes and then they need to be changed. Where a or name alwasy has the credibility to stand out and highest on its own.  It will bring conversion from the search results page at a higher rate because it doesnt look like a specific realtor name, or a redirect site to a maze of listings; its looks like the local expert.  Information seekers are now coming to you, and you start the process of showing them how you do business, your qualities and knowledge and set the case to do business with you.

All this in a more trusting relationship because you gave them information first.  You provided information on the Local market.  Its also easier for your blog posts and remarks on the local market to be picked up when you represent a local website.

Call us if we can explain further.

Page Howe

Real Estate Domain Names



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The New TLDs Update

So the new TLDs like .property, .estate and .realtor are out and the current take is…  YAWN.  If you bought in, your in for a long wait. If you missed the boat you didn’t miss anything.

Strategies for 2015 – Look for .estate and .property if your best large geo area is available for reg fee, and the .com/.net/org/.tv are taken by offices who will never sell.

Knowing you can never get the .com means you can either go for a abbreviation, derivative or new tlds. Many have high initial prices, are being held by the registry for really high up front fees; or have nigh annual fees. let us help you navigate the waters. Call Page Howe at 931-233-1098. For $100, which can also be applied toward any of our names, we will show you 10-25 available names for registration fee.

We have been in the domain business 14 years and you can buy 30 minutes of our time for $100, and be assured you got the best name you could – if your time is valuable, stop searching yourself – all inquiries confidential.


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.Realtor and the New Tld’s

New Real Estate Tld’s

We have promoted the big three gTLDs  (.com, .net and .org) along with .TV if your using video so it might be natural to think were against the new Tld’s because they create more real estate, and competition.

We have taken a hard look and we have invested in some new gTld’s in other area and are watching the real estate space.

A couple of thoughts:

.Realtor ™ will come with a strong set of restrictions an a higher rpice as the National Association of Realtors tries to have it both ways, they want the protected trademark where only they can use realtor, yet they dont want their word to become generic because they lose their trademark protection.

As of now, it doesnt appear you can get a City+.Realtor domain name, you must be a member, and stay a member even though you dont know how they may changes the rules in the future.   Many who dont have their own .com, will and should get their own professional name in .realtor, but im not sure passing on the whole thing and keeping your branded .com isnt the best way to go.

There are some deficencies in the new gTlds.  The “.” becomes part of your brand name, but is a symbol and a character not recognized in some applications for business taxes, bank account or even user names on twitter and facebook.  So you have to use a space, the word “Dot” or an underscore.  In other words, Farm.Land may be “farm dot land” and you mail have to repeat and spell the dot, or remind them its a period.  for hlep with the new tlds see our site

So .Farm is our, so its .Estate.  Many of the best one words have been taken.  Safari and some browsers still have trouble with these new tlds.  We still like the .com, or nets and org and .tvs if your budget is smaller because adding lessor names underneath will only promote your ownership of the better name as a prestige builder.  yes we have the .com, we have been around, we know our stuff and were are a major player in this area.



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Page Howe at a Major Domain Conference

Page Howe at a Major Domain Conference

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July 31, 2012 · 8:02 pm

Real Estate Domains

You show Real Estate everyday and tell people the benefits of owning Prime Real Estate, in your online marketing strategy, what Prime Digital Real Estate do you own? At we’ve developed a website and Domain Store with our best and most attractively priced Real Estate related Domain Names.  Join hundred of national websites with the common the of City or Area + (and .net,.org and .tv); or Area+Homes or Area+HomesforSale.

Your paying monthly to market yourself, in directories, to consulting gurus, to search engines. But where are you getting marketing for FREE, stake your Claim to a Geo+real Estate domain name to help your personal branded site.  A website allows you to be an area experts under your website name, a more credible information source than just “a real estate agent” in a town.  Your perfectly match domain name will also exactly match what many buyers are looking for in search engines, or just typing in the address bar.

Your domain name becomes one of your email addresses, constantly reinforcing your position as your area’s best Real Estate Agent or Broker.  Thanks for checking us out!  Call Page Howe at 931-233-1098 with any questions about our inventory, or heling you to acquire premium ONLINE real estate.

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About Page Howe and Site HQ Inc.

First Post – so you may have received our email, and your doing some homework on Real Estate Domains and and Page Howe. If your not ready to call us up, heres some brief basics:

We sell domain name at what we think are reasonable prices.

If we didnt own these domain names, someone else would and if it was a competitor; you wouldn’t stand a chance to buy it from them without a bigger price, and worse than that, cow-towing to them to ask them if you can buy their name.

We have purchased many of these names at auction, in a competitive environment against other domain name investors, so its not all gravy for us. You receive the benefit of inheriting our registration date which some say helps with search engine rankings, and other identity benefits such as link value.  In other words, if we have own this site since 2006, then when you buy it it will look like you have owned the name since then also.

Almost all cities above even the smallest population are taken with the words at the end, your buying a scarce asset.  If your after buying cheap names, we charge $100 and we’ll search the best available names you can register for the regular fee, or buy at auction right now.  Registration fees are your responisbility. We charge 20% to broker names.

We strive to conduct our business with integrity and clarity. Were a private, family owned company in Manchester, TN.

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